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Alger County Amateur Radio Public Service Corp

Emergency Communications Plan for Alger County

1. Introduction

1.1 The Alger Amateur Radio Emergency Service (Alger ARES) is composed of FCC-licensed Amateur Radio operators who have voluntarily registered their capabilities and equipment for public service communications duty.
1.2 Under Federal Regulations, Amateur Radio Public Service Communications are furnished without compensation of any kind.
1.3 The Alger ARES functions under this Emergency Plan under the direction of the Alger Emergency Coordinator (EC), who is appointed by the ARRL Michigan Section Emergency Coordinator in consultation with the Upper Peninsula DEC.
1.4 The EC may appoint assistant ECs as needed for the ARES to function efficiently.


2.1 The purpose of this plan is to provide a written guide containing the minimum information that would be needed in an emergency. Each Emergency is different and flexibility to provide an adequate response to each is a necessity.
2.2 The primary responsibility of the Alger ARES is to furnish communications in the event of a natural Disaster, when regular communications fail or are inadequate.
2.3 All drills, training and instruction shall be carried out to ensure readiness to respond quickly in providing effective amateur radio communications whenever an occasion may arise.
2.4 The Following agencies could be served during a communications emergency; Alger County Sheriff Department, Michigan State Police, Alger County Search and Rescue, Michigan Department of Corrections, Alger County Red Cross, Munising Memorial Hospital, All Alger County Fire Departments, and law enforcement agencies; any other agencies requesting assistance from the ARES.


3.1 Any member of the Alger ARES who for any reason suspects a communications emergency exists should monitor the assigned net for activity.
3.2 If local telephone service is available, the EC and/or assistant ECs should be notified by telephone.
3.3 In an emergency in which Amateur Radio might serve the community, Amateur Radio operators may be alerted by any city, Red Cross, Civil Preparedness, or similar official notifying of the Emergency Coordinator.


4.1 Local broadcast station WQXO will be contacted by the EC or his representative, as possible, for spot announcements alerting ARES members.
4.2 If telephone service is available, a telephone tree will be activated.
4.3 Upon the awareness or notification that a communications emergency exists, members of the Alger ARES will call into the Alger County Emergency Net on the 145.410 FM repeater with 146.490 FM simplex as an alternate frequency.
4.4 Mobile units are activated and dispatched.
4.5The EC will assume net control or delegate another station as net control station (NCS). Control will be from Alger County Civil Preparedness Emergency Operating Center (EOC).
4.6 This station is designated as a "Key Station" and will be extensively utilized during a communications emergency. Key Stations have full emergency power capability with relief operators assigned to ensure continuous operations.


5.1 The Alger County Emergency Net will be called to order by the NCS.
5.2 Members of the Alger ARES are checked into the net from their mobiles and home stations to await further instructions.
5.3 Liaison stations to the following National Traffic System nets will be assigned:
Upper Peninsula Net, 3.921 MHz, 5 PM
Michigan Traffic Net, 3.953 MHz. 7 PM
QMN CW Net, 3.663 MHz 6 & 10 PM
A liaison station is also sent to 147.270, the FM repeater in Marquette County.
5.4 Mobiles are dispatched as needed to the Alger County Chapter, American Red Cross Headquarters and the Alger County Sheriff Department and any other agencies as required.
5.5 Operators of home stations not on emergency power are coordinated to effectively operate the "Key Stations" as required.


6.1 All written messages must be in standard ARRL form.
6.2 All messages must be signed by the official who originates them, with his title, taking responsibility for their contents.
6.3 Message precedence's of EMERGENCY, Priority, Welfare and Routine, as defined on ARRL Form FSD-3, shall be used on all messages.
6.4 Stations do not transmit unless invited to do so by net control.
The only exception to this is for a station having EMERGENCY traffic.


7.1 An annual test will be conducted in October in conjunction with the nationwide ARRL Simulated Emergency Test.
7.2 The Alger ARES will regularly supply public safety communications in conjunction with local events, to test the effectiveness of the operation.
7.3 The Alger County Emergency Net meets the first Sunday of the month at 8 PM.
7.4 At the discretion of the EC, the ARES will be activated unannounced via the telephone tree at least once per year.

ARRL Emergency Coordinator
Daniel Kwasneski, KA8IXC
(906) 387-3898

Important Links:

National Skywarn Site
Michigan QMN Net





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